Foods to avoid for Healthy Hair
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Foods to avoid for Healthy Hair

Hair Facts

Shiny, beautiful hair is everybody\'s dream. Hair plays an important part in the personality of a person and it is a reflection of a healthy body and mind. There are many factors that affect the hair at different stages of a person\'s life. There are bad hair days when there is excessive hair loss or when the hair becomes limp and refuses to shine no matter what is done. It is a well known fact that a healthy lifestyle is a must to combat hair problems. It is imperative that a good diet and regular exercise be made a part of the lifestyle to have healthy, shiny hair. It is also recommended that one is acquainted with the many Foods to avoid for Healthy Hair

Unhealthy Effects of Bad Diet

Consuming unhealthy food habits jeopardize the system of the body making it more prone to all types of illnesses. There is dandruff, little sheen and excessive hair loss which at times may even lead to baldness. It is good to keep a watch on what is consumed everyday. There are many Foods to avoid for Healthy Hair. These cause irreparable damage to the hair. There are a lot of eatables in the markets that are full of chemicals and have zero nutritional value. These just satisfy our taste buds and do not help in any other way. These neither add any nutrients nor provide energy to the body. These unhealthy food habits are bound to reflect in the hair which might become dull and lifeless.

Dead Foods

Consuming dead foods can actually result in lifeless hair. The dead foods include: starches and sugars, aerated drinks, junk food. These encourage chemistry imbalances resulting in bad hair. Certain other items like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and some drugs also destroy the nutrients in the body that are necessary for growing shiny and beautiful hair. Nicotine is an enemy of vitamin C and is a known destroyer of the same.

Ayurvedic recommendations

Ayurveda recommends that intake of canned, processed and refined foods should be reduced. It believes that foods that have artificial preservatives or chemical additives do not contain any inherent goodness. These are not at all helpful as far as supplying important nutrients to the body is concerned. Ice-cold drinks are not good for digestion. These also hamper the assimilation of nutrients.

Foods to be avoided

There are some Foods to avoid for Healthy Hair. These include: Monosodium glutamate which is a dangerous chemical. It increases appetite, results in weight gain and also leads to a plethora of health problems. Aspartame is another chemical that leads to an increase in weight and also leads to PMS in females and migraines besides causing damage to the hair. It is best not to cook in Hydrogenated oil. Foods that contain this oil should also be avoided as these are Trans fats. Trans fats can lead to hair loss.

It is advisable not to have processed sugar because after processing sugar becomes refined powder. It loses all its natural content and will not have any of its natural goodness. Enriched white flour should also be avoided as it has zero fiber and absolutely no nutritional value. It is also recommended that palm oil be avoided as it leads to many physical problems

Chemicals to be avoided

Among the Foods to avoid for Healthy Hair, foods labeled as "artificial flavor" should be avoided at all costs as these are sure to contain chemicals. These have been grown with the help of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. It is also recommended that the spices that are used should be checked carefully. Most of the times, these companies use chemicals in these spices. It is also good to avoid foods that take the help of artificial color. Colors are chemical poisons. It is best to stay away from foods that have fructose, sucrose and dextrose. These are artificially made sweeteners and are bad for your health. It is also advised that foods comprising splenda and sucrulose be avoided as it leads to hair loss and a host of other medical problems. One of the Foods to avoid for Healthy Hair is the chemical soy protein isolate that is available in many protein shakes.

Knowledge of all the foods that should be avoided to have healthy, lustrous mane helps one be choosier about the foods that are consumed. It leads one towards a healthy way of living.